Mohamed Rafouk

Mohamed Rafouk

Mr Mohamed RAFOUK’s maritime experience began in 1990 as a Seagoing Officer.

He is an expert of Maritime Pilotage for having practiced this profession since 1999 in different ports and maritime environments in the Kingdom of Morocco. It is worth mentioning that he personally directed and actively participated in the achievements of various maritime structuring projects and studies for many African ports.

He joined Tanger Med port in 2006 and was a key piece of the embryonic pilotage organization, piloting the first 400m LOA Emma Maersk on the port official opening on July 2007, and is still piloting and training pilots up to this day. On 2018, Mohamed RAFOUK was elected President of the Tanger Med Pilots Professional Association (Mediterranean Maritime Pilots’ Professional Association) APMPM

More recently, he directed the organisation of the successful 2019 African Maritime Pilots Congress ACMP2019, which gathered many African Pilots’ organizations, and was elected President of the AFRICAN MARITIME PILOTS ASSOCIATION AMPA. Mohamed RAFOUK is working on the building of a continentally well-recognized African Pilots Professional Association.

On 2022, He became an Advisor at the Executive Board of the IMPA.